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We provide technical and project managment services for the devopment of innovative medical devices and systems. We support CAD, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing activities from concept through commercialization. Our multidisciplinary experience includes development of implantable, surgical and diagnostic medical devices with an emphasis on active implants. Our experience includes mechanical circulatory support devices including ventricular assist devices (VADs) as well as cannulae, couplings and other peripherals for circulatory support including drivelines, internal/external controllers and surgical tools. We also have project  experience in minimally invasive surgical instrumentation for endoscopic and arthroscopic procedures, catheter-based delivery devices, minimally-invasive gastric bypass prostheses and surgical devices, medical endoscopes and camera systems, biomedical sensors, actuation systems for implants, and anatomical modeling.

Our project experience extends also into many other fields including industrial equipment and machinery, electromechanical systems including motors and actuators, miniature optical systems, various consumer products, and as rapid prototyping services provider for silicone molding, urethane casting and quick turnaround prototypes.

We have worked toward excellence in design and efficiency in development with project experirence in large and small companies and teams. Winning solutions emerge from a deep understanding of the problem combined with original ideas and innovative concepts. 

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